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I finished my very first icon for this new permenant status journal.   Yes, this is Obi-wan.. yes.. the lyrics -are- from "All I Ask of You" from the Phantom of the Opera.  (I love that song).   I was amazed by how Ewan in this picture does bear very strong resemblance to Obi-wan from the later episodes.   It is the eyes and the look.. very intent.     But with the picture, it is hard to tell unless you lighten it up.

So yay, now I am like all the cool kids and have an Obi-wan icon! *Squibbles*

I am trying not to think of a duet between Qui-gon and Obi-wan set to this song because it borders on the dark side.  -_-;    Oiya, I keel myself.

I wonder if on Fanfiction.net there is any Star Wars/Phantom of the Opera crossovers.

I have read Harry Potter / Star Wars crossovers.   My eyes did bleed, yes. -_-

But yes, the more I look at that icon, the more I am pleased with it..

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