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~Shout-outs.. of sorts~

Communities that you should probably check out (My version of handful's post.)

1. ) personal_ost  - Create an FST of your life.. I'm working on it now but it is a slow process.
2.)  jinxchaosislove - It is like one of my favorite pairings ever.  How can I help but not pimp it out.
3.)  icontemplation - Moded by immoral and another person.  Definitely some nifty stuff there. 
4.)  colortone - This is divinecomedy's icon journal.  She needs more lyric brushes though.  Nia says so.
5.)  snarky_yaoi  - Someone needs to post something funny there or I might 'splodey.
6.)  elitist_yaoi - Because sometimes you need to be a little elite.  Really it's all about pretention, but that's alright because we like deep dicking like any other fan. We just like to analyze the aestheticism of such presentations.
7.)  we_heart_jin - Yes, I made a fan community for him.  (*cues the patheticness that is me*)
8.)  seiyuu - Because everyone needs more Seiyuu music on their playlist.


There that is my pimping post for the day.
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