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~No more holding your body in the moonlight.. did I fall in love for nothing?~

Since shuufish's net connection was being wonky, we did not get to RP -too- much.   Mainly she just returned all of the posts that I sent her a week ago..  and then while she struggled with her net connection, I was there to comfort her and give her updates on the muses and their interactions.    The StarWars AU is a go evidentally since Mish is a Star Wars nerd.   So soon they are going to be crawling around waving light sabers and all that crap.    Mercenary Jin is also a pleasant sight..  because he fancies himself Han Solo clone. *shakes head* Oiya.   And with Fei.. I can see a near-teeter to the dark side since with ID, that could be construed as sithness.    Mish is still deciding on what to make Sigurd, though Hyuga is adamant upon being a Jedi.   The force will be -very- strong with Hyuga.   I could see him taking Fei up as a padawan though..  and acting as his mentor.

But Jin..  oiya Jin.   I forsee that he is going to be stealing droids and star cruisers. -_-;   He's going to be a rouge, that is for certain.    Let us all thank our stars that Jin is -not- a Jedi, he would never live past the unofficial celibacy rule. -_-;

Time for bed. 

"I never want to lose
What I have finally found..
There's a requiem.. a new congregreation...
And it's telling me.. go forward and walk under a brighter sky..
Every nerve glowing like a firefly.."

BTW sorry for the spam today.. I know the past week I have been spamming the hell out of everyone's journal.   Anyone who ever wants to delete me because I spam too much.  Go right ahead.. I wouldn't blame you.  I -do- spam. *thuds*
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