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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I have a favorite new pairing in Loveless

Kouya x Yamato

I love them both.  A shounen-ai anime with very strong shoujo-ai.

I like them better then Ritsuka x Soubi.. (forgive my blasphemy please)

I am also still trying to figure out -why- Loveless is only going to be 12 episodes long. This does not make any sense to me. X_x

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Mmmhh. Shoujo-ai = ♥



The bastards. I guess we'll just have to make-do with the manga... sadness, because it doesn't have the shiny animation nor Kajiura's gorgeous music, but oh well. ;o;

AND nobody's scanlating it at decent speed! T_T

Heh, that became one of my favorites in the first episode they were introduced. :x

I know.. it makes me wibbly and sappy and I feel a Kouya muse yanking at me.

Well... they might be waiting until the manga's further in so they can continue it. I mean, it's better than sitting through filler and waiting for a plot, eh?

I'm still trying to figure out the whole 12 episodes thing as well.

I'm guessing that maybe it's because shorter series are starting to become the norm, and not just with shounen-ai series (you have to admit, just about every shounen-ai series out there is 12-13 episodes...quite aggravating). The shorter the series, the better the quality? Budget issues? No telling really, but I'm getting a bit sick of shorter series.

Almost always, they leave way-open endings with no real resolution or they do a not-so-good job at telling the story, because, while there's so much they could DO with it, there's not enough time in 12-13 episodes to do so (SUKISHO ANYBODY! T___T)

Um...uh...I'm done now XD; I figure it's time I go to watch Loveless 8 and 9 or something :O

Sukishou would have been better I think, if they didn't have 9 episodes of random crap/Matsuri's... thing and then 4 episodes of actual plot.

And also if there was more Yoru/Ran... because they are just BETTER than Sora/Nao... ^^;;;;

I agree with you.. Sora and Nao made me a trifle sick. *thuds*

They just... didn't have much personality, really. Not compared to others. Sunao was BORING.

Very true, but I just wish they'd followed the games a little more, because, yanno, that would have been super awesome

Ran annoys the shit out of me, but I have to agree that Yoru/Ran > Sora/Nao

But Nagase/Gaku is still the best ♥ Fufufu~

Yes! NagasexGaku can kick both SoraxNao and YoruxRan's asses. Everytime I see those two (Sora and Nao) I feel like bashing their heads against the nearest wall.

And let's not forget about ShinichirouxNanami? ♥

*heehee* *pets my Nanami and Shinichirou muse* I have both.. X_x

Awww, same here! Lately I just keep poking my muses because I seem to be developing both halves of every pairing all the time. Behave you boys and girls! *whips them*

I know.. I think it is becasue they don't want to be seperated in my mind.. it really is safer that way, then the muses are not relying upon someone else's muse all the time. X_x

Into oblivion, don't you know~? They're just kinda...aggravating. Sora's all like "WUT?! D: ::confused::" and Sunao's all like "I'M AN ANGST-BUCKET! DX ::cry::"

ShinichirouxNanami is so very lovely ::squee:: I like them almost as much as NagasexGaku CHEM LAB LUVIN' OH YEAH ::bricked::

into oblivion and back, damn yes! And I completely agree with what you say about Sora and Nao. Like I was telling a friend of mine, apparently in the anime, Sora only created Yoru because he was both sexually impotent and too friggin' uke to make a move on Nao. In fact, I believe Ran could top both Sora and Nao any given day (but he doesn't because he'd rather be screwed silly by Yoru and we can't blame him.

ShinichirouxNanami is liek OMG TEH FLUFF. While on the other hand, NagasexGaku would be smexy and kinky YAY CHEM LAB LUVIN'!!1 *licks icon*.

Awww I fell in love with Ran in the first episode... and he just makes me squee.

Nagase/Gaku~~~ Yesssssssssss

Yamato and Kouya are wonderful. Kouya's so cute~~~~

But... I don't know. I still like everyone about equal. Though I'm REALLY glomping onto Youji and Natsuo. THEY are purely adorable *pets them both*

The Zero boys are my babies. They are probably my favorite Loveless pairing at the moment. I do feel more for Yamato and Kouya since I know how Nagisa treats Yamato rather poorly and it breaks Kouya's heart. But I love Yatuso and Youji because they have that humorous psychotic streak and they are just adorable in how they find everything cute because they're better. I even made an icon of them to use when I'm annoyed.



Yeah, I really love Youji and Natsuo. They're SO adorable. You just wanna ruffle their ears and watch them roll around and play with each other ^^;;;

The one thing is... I LOVE Ritsuka. I think he's my #1 because I can just synch with him so well... but I don't like Soubi. He's so... cruel... even when he's trying to be kind. Something about him just... irks me.

Youji and Natsuo are definitely my #1 pairing at the moment too. Though I have no clue which one is the fighter and which is the sacrifice... it doesn't seem to really matter with them... they have such an equal relationship, and that's what I REALLY like. Soubi and Ritsuka... is too... uneven... I've always liked seeing equality.

I need to find some bases of those boys... ^^;;;

Episode 9 answers since they talk to Ritsuka about Fighters and Sacrifices. Youji is the Fighter, Natsuo the sacrifice.

I like Ritsuka because he's an enigma and he's a whole lot less pathetic than his archtype could be. He was annoying at first but he got better once he realized more of his significance to Soubi. Soubi, I adore because of how dang warped he is. I love experiments in psychology. Note, I don't like these two together. I want them to be *friends.* They need each other but on a deeply platonic level. Their relationship fascinates me because of the darkness and duty it involves.

raburesu actually has a recent post of mostly male Zero bases.

I just watched episode 9, but I still didn't get that... just that both Natsuo and Youji weren't impressed with how Ritsuka treats Soubi. ^^;;;

But thank you for verifying for me!

And thank you for the link to bases. Yay~ Now I can have some fun with them. ^__^

They'll only budget as many episodes as they think would be profitable. Remember, they're making it for Japanese audiences, not American ones XD If that's as profitable as it's going to be in Japan, then that's as profitable as it's going to be.

why- Loveless is only going to be 12 episodes long.

Loveless has not been finished. It's only currently up to volume 5, so unlike other animes where you can fit random episodes, Loveless needs to follow the same plot line as the manga. Although, they could have made it longer, since they practically leaped volume 3. ^^;

It's also depends on the budget. If you look at Loveless, they certainly paid a lot of attention to details, and the characters are quite similar to the Kouga Yun's original drawings.

Despite it been only 12 episodes, it's already quite popular in Japan!

Psst...am I the only one who likes Seimei/Soubi. *sniff*

I can see Seimei and Soubi, Soubi and Kio.

I try to be fair to most of the pairings in the series.. though the yuri, it owns my soul. *thuds*

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