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~Nestled in the emerald moss~

Nia has a crush! *dansu*

Cute cute cute gym worker on the base.  As cute as a button.   I was taking her order when she saw little Roy-chain peeking out of my pocket and she gasped and pointed. "OMGWHATANIMEISHEFROM!" And I was like, "GASPUYOULIKEANIME!" and she was like "GASPUYES!" then we squeed and I resisted the urge to glomp her. 

Oh damn.. too bad she is married.   But still..  I am cursed with women.. they are either married or too young.   SO I GIVE UP!

But doesn't mean I can't enjoy her company because I am fully intending upon it.   A crush is a crush.. but yes.. she makes my heart wibbly.

Now to see if she likes boybuttsex.

Edit: Evidentally Alexi saw her first.. so being chivalrious I -should- give up to him.. Whatever bitch, she's mine. I never professed to being honorable. *points to icon* I am condemned to the dark side.. because there is beer and sex there.

Edit 2: Saturday Download Poll.. here.. vote - Voting closes at midnight tonight, or when I go to sleep. *whatever happens first*
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