Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~People are strange.. when you're a stranger~

So yes, when divinecomedy got online, I asked her if she had been on as GipparuNights and she said no, then I told her that someone evidentally hacked into her account.   Why do I think that?

1.)  Amanda can spell.
2.)  Amanda uses caps and proper punctuation.
3.)  Amanda has never lol'd ever since AIMing with her frequently
4.)  Amanda would never -use- GipparuNights anymore, to my knowledge it is her other AIM that she uses most often and frequently.
5.)  Other circumstantial evidence that shall remain nameless since it involves a few suspects.

So someone was impersonating her and doing a not so very good job at it.   As she said, heads will roll.   Oh yes and the little fucker who hacked into her Gipparu Nights account, also deleted her GJ.  
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