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~Episode 33 - 40 of Monster (GRIMMER!)~

uzukisaru, you were right. Absolutely right.

Granted I love Johan, but I think I may adore Grimmer even more. And not just because of the voice (long live Tanaka Hideyuki, Seiyuu of my beloved Citan/Jin). But rather because well.. he talks alot, he knows even more, he is as amusing as anything. You can tell how much a character is secretive by how closed their eyes are when they speak. And Grimmer is always like "^_^" it seems.

Sure he is not bishounen, not even close by regular standards.. but didn't I already say that Bishounen is in the mind. And Grimmer, well Grimmer is definitely up there in coolness level with other such honorary bishounen like Emperor Cain and Gateau.

/Grimmer Fangirl Mode
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