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~I'm as dark as december, I'm as cold as the man in the moon~

I need to go and pick up some snacks for my Monster-thon. I also made some icon bases of Anna, I am going to make fennin an Anna icon anime style. That way we can harass each other with our near-matching Anna and Johan anime icons. I also got a good one of Lotte which I want to append the words "STFU" to (because she's making that particular face). I also got some of Tenma makin his puppy face. Gods, Monster rocks. I will not rest until I get caught up with the series. By the time Mish comes back, I will have been caught up with the series. *vows this*

Hyuga has a solo all planned out for the Glamverse. A beautiful solo expounding upon his dreams and ambitions before he became Viscount Uzuki... *pats my poor wannabe classical pianist* I think that is why the song that I dug on from hemlocke's music entry made me sap.. because I am in that piano type mood.

Alright.. more snacks, less talkie.
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