Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Agenda for tomorrow~

Tomirrow I watch more Monster. All the way up until Grimmer. Because my obsession with Johan is not healthy and I need to concentrate on someone else. (Jin/Citan's Seiyuu. *coughs* *waves the Hideyuki Tanaka flag*) Grimmer will make me happy in the pants just because I'll be like.. MMMMM CITAN'S VOICE.

Yes, I am obsessed.. but then did we doubt this? (Come on people.. anything even remotely traced back to Xenogears/Saga has me coming faster then a train at dawn) As it is I am going to sleep.

I hope that Mish has fun in London tomorrow, I am going to miss her but I know she will have a blast. And well the muses are starting on some writing pieces for Mish that she may chew on whenever she gets a chance. Hyuga is having too much fun planning his slave costume. *eyes Hyu*

I also have plans on getting her obsessed on KKM and all sorts of lovely things when she gets back to the states. *rubs hands together* And the music, oh the music.. and Loveless. (Needs more Loveless.)

Good times to be had by all.

She is always in my thoughts and in my prayers. That's what sisters are for after all, hmmm.

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