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I've just looked through my C-box.. and I've noticed the disturbing ammount of semes there. I have never really went back to look over them until just recently. I mean I do believe that most of my guys are switches.. but fandom wise they are usually more popular as tops then bottoms.

Jin, Aizen, Touya, Kurogane, Soubi (Oh but we know he's an uke to Ritsuka but..), Bakuya, The Count, Franz, Bart (Well okay when paired with Billy he is top.. I despise people though that make him look all girly WHEN HE ISN"T), Hisui, K, Muraki, Tatsumi, Inui, Fuji, Oishi, Oshitari, Citan (To Fei of course.. ), Shigure, Hatori

Granted I do have the ones who are fandom-wisely more inclined to bottom.. like Hyuga. (Whatever Mr.I-FUCKED-SIGURD-WITH-A-WHIP-HANDLE), Watari, Oriya, Ayame. But they do not number so much as all my semes.

*Note: Nia is leaving out ALOT of muses since they are probably in hiding, due to the fact that they don't want Nia to remember them

No wonder why it is so fucked up in the muse box. They are all fighting with dominance. *coughs* Ever single one of them.
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