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~Music of the Moment Meme~

Songs of the moment meme since I was tagged by darknightrain

Upload the five songs that you are currently digging on, and allow your friends to download them and comment on your suckyGREAT taste. Then tag five more to share in the painLOVE.

These are the songs that I am currently digging on. *heh's* Download, comment on my eclectic music.. and the whatnot. (These are in no order)

Expose - Season's Change (80s) (Victorian!Hyu glomped onto this for some reason)
Tomoko Tane - Broken Wings (Ending song of Trinity Blood.. beautiful)
Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah - (The person who sent me this song knows who she is and knows how much I love the song.. another Hyuga/Sigurd song.)
Better than Ezra - At the Stars - (A little something for Jin and Chaos)
Buck-Tick - Dress (Bloody Trinity Mix) - (The intro song to Trinity Blood which is the fucking sex.)

People that I am tagging

1.) divinecomedy (Is there any question I would ask Amanda?)
2.) jurhael - (Since I always enjoy her music taste)
3.) fennin - (When you get time, I don't want to stress you, Emily!)
4.) hemlocke - (Because your taste in music just rocks)
5.) fox_reed - (Because yet another one with impeccable tastes)

6.) shuufish - (For when you get back to the states you had better do this!)

And anyone who wants to do this is free to do it!
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