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After 3 different versions of the Johan icon, I finally settled on this with myself saying that simplicity is the best route to go with Johan. Too much froo froo in the icon detracts from what makes him great. Though the first conceptualizations of the icon were great, they just were not what I wanted to put on my LJ to represent Johan.

I was going to do a State of the RP address however tonight that is futile, I shall do one tomorrow morning when I wake up. When I am not so dragging on my ass and the whatnot. Also tomorrow I shall upload the Saturday download.. so reprieve is granted to all of you that did not vote. ^_^ So you can go vote now.

I also need to download the next four episodes of Monster and burn the last installments of KKM to disc.

I love me some Conrad/Yuuri/Conrad like woah.

Pardon my blasphemy.. however I can see Yuuri topping Conrad and I think it's a rather kinky and hot image. *coughs* I have some nice screencaps of Conrad to make into some icons as well. Which I shall do tomorrow. *whee's*
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