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~A Fairy Tale based on Me~ *Don't laugh*

Once there was this Princess, and by all accounts she was born a Princess, who lived her own little kingdom all of her own, guarded by her kindly Fairy Godmother and a menagerie of royal pets. What happened to her mother and father you say? Her Mother died before the first leaves fell from the trees of her first year and her father was so driven with grief that he went away. The Princess was an extremely shy but sweet little girl, eager to please with a smile in her dancing green eyes even when she frowned or pouted. She meant the world to the fairy godmother, and the fairy godmother in turn was very important to the princess. Along with the Princess there was also a Prince (who wanted to be a Princess) and would play dressup for hours with the Princess in this magical world. Most certainly she lacked no amusement that her heart desired, though half the time she was just content to romp around outside or sit quietly and pour over storybooks with her court of spirit people in attendance.

Every summer her godmother and the prince took her to a neighboring kingdom to visit with her myriad cousins, uncles and aunts and she enjoyed herself. In this kingdom there were two brothers who looked identical, one the Princess did not like and was scared of because she sensed that he wasn't her cousin, he was in reality a Goblin and she knew this. The other was a Knight with white shining armor and the Princess idolized him, followed him around like a fawning puppy. She could always tell the difference between the two for that very reason, where no one else knew who was who. However one day the Goblin in the cousin came out and attached her, and completed the transformation for her, for now she could no longer see the cousin, only the Goblin. Her Knight wasn't in time though, for he had been traveling off to neighboring counteries to slay other dragons and win other wars, however when he returned home, he saw the tearful countenance of the Princess and drew her into his arms where she poured out her tearful plight to him. Being the noble Knight, he charged off immediately to confront the Goblin and do some serious ass-kicking. Once that was done, the Fairy Godmother and the Princess (who wanted to be a Princess) took her back to the home kingdom, for relations between the two had become stressed.

However a curse was put on the Princess regardless; that all Princes, Knights and Kings would appear as Goblins to her regardless of if they were Goblins or not. Only the Prince (that wanted to be a Princess) escaped the curse for he was by all accounts a Princess and she saw him as such. She was secreted away to live in her kingdom, sheltered by the Warmth of the Fairy Godmother as well as the Prince(ss) and she stayed there for quite awhile.

It was inevitable that the Princess would soon come of the age when young Princes, Knights and Kings would come courting. And it seemed that perhaps temporarily she could overlook the guise of Goblin if she focused enough on the pretty words, roses and promises of love and most often she did while still remaining wary for she could still see the Goblin. However most of the time she saw the Goblin at the very end, and she fled because no ammount of poetry and romance could make-up for that one flaw, she always looked up to see it. Prince upon Prince, Knight upon Knight, King upon King fell victim to this fate, tossed in the royal moat to swim with the pretty fishes and leviathians.

Eventually the Prince(ess) was rescued by a Prince and the Fairy Godmother grew sicker. And the Princess thought, "Screw this" I don't want to be a Princess, I want to be a Prince. Having had a long time to think about this, she thought it was best to be a "True" Prince in a world where all she could see were Goblins. Hoping to save a Princess from the dire fate of being courted by a Goblin in Prince's clothing, she transformed into the noble Prince and resolved to do anything in her power to protect them that needed it. Before she could start out on her journey, she had to finish taking care of her Fairy Godmother who had grown very sickly and frail except that her Godmother pushed her on, saying that she would be with her always, and to go on her wonderous quest.. so the Princess left to slay dragons in her Godmother's name. Eventually her Fairy Godmother passed away, turning into beautiful fairy wishes and blessings for her Princess's safe journey. (The part where the Princess meets her father has been deleted for continuity)

So now the Princess was on her own, clad in Prince's gear and wielding a sword (if not a -real- Prince's sword) and she felt quite fine there however there were sometimes when she sat out by her window, pulled her hair down and pretended that she was a Princess again, relieving the dreams of her childhood when all Princes', Knights and Kings were just that. When the morning came, she was a ready-made Prince again, remounting her horse to ride on.

One day in another kingdom she came upon a King, or did he come upon her? She did not remember, they crossed paths and she -didn't- see the Goblin in him, he exuded that same quality that the other Prince(ss) had exuded. She mulled over this night and day but still no luck, but she did fall in love with him nonetheless and longed to be a Princess once again. The King had recognized the Princess for what she was, not what she had dressed herself up to be and fell in love with her as well.. perhaps he fell in love with her because of her honesty and lack of guile, perhaps he had fallen for her because of her conviction. She didn't hide her feelings from the King and because she didn't see the Goblin she knew that perhaps he was the one, the one who she had thought only existed in fairy tales and Breathe songs.

So the day that he asked the Princess to marry him was a happy day for her, she consented to be his Prince, his Princess and his Queen.. 3 in one. So they both rode their horses into the sunset, side by side. It doesn't sound very romantic, but it was.. at least for the Princess who knew that she had a "True" King and so she didn't have to worry about acting like a Prince all the time.

And so the Princess and the King lived happily ever after.

----- Not the End, just where I got tired of typing -----

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