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~Here's my comeback on the road again~

"Things are easy when you're big in japan"

I had a very Jin Uzuki moment last night. Why do I get the feeling that if Jin had his own LJ, he would spam the hell out of trolls? *heh's*

So anyways darknightrain had an RP journal that the troll 0____pedophiles had added (peculiar_flavor, and it was *gaspshock* unbanned. So she let me borrow it for a while. So I have been going in and spamming through that journal. Because you know it was no fun for me to sit there and -read- comments. From what I see, he banned several other people, and they did like me. *heh's* So precious and beautiful. Rock! *giggles* He should be touched.

I also got to talk to Mish a bit. We were right in our hypothesis that chibi Citan and Fei would not be able to bait worms onto a hook, they were too afraid of the worms hurting. So they are -pretending- to fish right now.

Though I will admit I have made alot of really nifty friends via the LJPEDO-HUNT of 2005. I feel so apart of the elite. out of the 800 people he is allowed as friends.. voila.. there I am. Must be because I am the sex. *winks*

And if you haven't.. vote in the music poll! POLL HERE LINK YES
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