Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~And slowly you come to realize..~

I've just become a Johan fangirl in the worst possible way.. *sobs* Oh yes I love Johan, I do not care -what- he has done.. *sniffles* I love him so hardcore... I need a screencap and an icon now.. that I do. -_-; Please Dr. Tenma.. forgive me.. I still love you too!~

Dear Johan,

Let go of my heart plz.. you're squeezing it too hard..

<3, Nia

P.S What is it with me and blondes.. they are consuming me.. especially after I said I didn't like blondes so long ago. (First Andrea, then Soubi, then Murata, and then Watari.. then Johan.. waii.. only blonde I -don't- particularly care for is Wolfram, but only because he pulls the obnoxious uke card in my mind and won't put it back. *Forgive me Wolfram obsessees/fans.. he's just who I do not like.. and that is after following the series closely.. I won't bad mouth him, he's just a character I do not feel strongly for and I doubt I ever will though I am not closed-minded enough to rule out the possibility of liking him one day.*)

Edit: Missing so much spammage and fun.. I am pining, I swear. darknightrain, dshae (who is not on my friend's list).. CARRY THE BANNER IN THE NAME OF THOSE WHO HAVE FALLEN! MY CHILDREN I LOVE YOU!
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