Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Good morning everyone..~

So in Squenix we got an app for Magus Zeal.

Big problem? He is controlled by me. I do not care if I use him but rarely, he still belongs to me and in my C box he will stay until I am ready to use him. I gave the person to understand in a polite refusal to open up Magus Zeal's character to her, all the while in my mind was intoning, Mine, bitch... (Hey, I'm being honest here... after all I am sure co-mod Amanda would feel the same way..). And then I sent the email off.

Magus Zeal is a character very close to my heart.. due to a myriadity number of fics and the whatnot I have written.. (Along with Uzuki pr0n/fics..) so it stands to reason that any character that is very close to ones heart in that way, you just don't want to let go. If she had asked for Rydia I probably would of caved and given her Rydia, or even Viktor... but Magus.. no)

Not Baralai either. He stays in my C-box...
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