Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

I start my new job today.. bweeh.. everyone wish me luck. I think I am going to need it though luckily the cash register is a touch screen so I shall be able to do that fine. *hee's* I think.. *hurms* Let's see, I should do a daily download for today, I was going to do it yesterday however I think I might upload The Garden of Everything since there was such an overwhelming need for it. *hee's* And it is a lovely song, I shared it with Mish and I told her that I could see it as a Hyuga/Sigurd song. I think she might of agreed. It's very whimsical and beautiful.

But yes that song so rocks me hardcore, thank you fox_reed for sending it to me.

Damn it, "SUCK" needs to get back so that I can download more of their Loveless. (Funny how I wait for fansubbers that I like and I like SUCK alot.)

Of course with Tsubasa there is no excuse.. but meep I've been watching Monster.

Dieter = Naruto. HURRAH! I knew the voice sounded familar... Naruto and Oshitari traveling around Germanly to capture the evil serial killer Chihaya.. (Yes, I am using their other roles to narrate the story. *snerks*) Along with Chihaya's sister, Shimako... who really wants her brother buried.
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