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It is raining so I cannot do my 'manly' duty and mow the lawn.. which pisses me off because strangely enough I -like- mowing.   However today at 2 pm I get to inprocess..  I don't know when my first day of work is..  I guess I will find out this afternoon when I finish the inprocessing and clear through everything.  I really hope I do not have to sit through like movies where I want to gouge out my eyes from the stupidity. (That 80s sexual harassment one was really lame, courtesy of aafes...).    I got the inprocessing packet filled out so I won't have to do it there. -_-,    

I watched Bleach episode 30.   I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore 4th Squad.   The female captain is beautiful (even though I thought she was originally a he.. ), I love Hanatarou, I love the fact that the rest of the squads don't take them seriously at all and I forsee in the future.. (I don't know when) but the 4th Squad is going to do something to make the other squads facethud..  (Oh I so hope)

Excuse the song, I do have a weakness for Lindsey Lohan, except I'm a bit pissy that she lost some weight, I loved the fact that she was a bit curvy before, she didn't look anorexic.. now she does. X_x.     (or at least from the picture I saw her..).    Now I want to take her to some place to get her fed again.. damn it.. *sporks stuff*.   And this song, well I just like it because of the lyrics.    So anyways if anyone wants to get Lindsey Lohan for me for my birthday, I will leave my donation box open.. just dump her in and I will take care of all donations from there.

Top Bleach Guys.

1.)  Aizen
2.)  Gin
3.)  Ishida
4.)  Shunsei
5.)  Ukitaka
6.)  Hanatarou

That's the lowdown so far. 
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