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~This looks like fun!~

Stalker Meme.. ^_~

1. What is my real first name?
2. What is the name of my website? N/A
3. What is my favorite video game series?
4. What is my sun, moon and ascendant?
5. What is my AIM screenname?

1. Name the state I live in.
2. What is my cat's name? (2 out of 8 wouldn't be so bad.. mad props if you can guess all eight)
3. What is one of my dislikes/turn-offs?
4. Name one of my favorite pairings.
5. Am I a night owl, or an early riser?

1. What is my favorite alcoholic beverage?
2. Am I left- or right-handed?
3. What word do I use very often in conversation?
4. What is my computer's name?
5. What is my favorite band?:

Stalker Expert
1. What colour are my eyes?
2. What seiyuu would I live and die for?
3. Name one of the -5- people online that I am closest to.
4. Name one of my original characters. 
5. What is the wall-scrool hanging over my computer desk?  Guess!
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