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~No pain remains no feeling (RP-Filter)~

We so rock.. both shuufish and I..

Why you ask? Because of the new AU we started on top of others.

It is a 70s Glam-Rock Xenogears/saga AU.

The pairings featured?


Oh yes, that stemmed like a page of discriptions alone. Glitter, rock music, battle of the bands. It has it all. And I am enamoured by how my Hyuga muse is the siren by night and the scholar by day. Already I shared images with Mish of Hyuga crawling onto Sigurd's lap while Sigurd is sucking on a cherry stem and trying to oust that cherry from Sigurd's lips using his own tongue. Hyuga is going to definitely be a sex-kitten by night.. but by day he's a curator at the British Museum. And he always leaves clubs at midnight. And Jin.. well Jin.. I have no words for Jin.. especially not when he is going to wear a PIMP HAT out on the stage for the first gig at the prominent club. (We need a name for it, Mish).

The Victorian RP is proper, refined and elegant.. but the Glam AU is decadent, luscious and slightly sinful. They balance each other perfectly. *hee's*

This song must be like an omen.. X_x
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