Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,


Alright, there is no guarentee that I will use your suggestion.. but does anyone have a bishounen that they would like to recommend for the mood "Depressed"..? I need a picture of a depressed looking bishounen. And no, I've already used a picture of Yayoi from Loveless.. so... ummm.. yeah. Just pour your suggestions in. I really do need them. *hmms*

Edit: And by Bishounen.. my standards are pretty lenient. (Judging from Emperor Cain and Jesiah who are also in the mood theme). Also Dr. Tenma is out of the question since I am using him for "Crappy". (Hey come on, Dr. Tenma is having a VERY crappy day/week/month/year methinks)
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