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~Status on Mood Theme~

The only FF7 character that is going to be in my bishounen mood theme is Cid, because he is the only character that I can find myself even remotely caring for. Sure there is a vicereal pleasure in looking upon Vincent and Sephiroth. But Cid is the true one that makes me happy, I think that is because while he is not pretty, he has a hell of a lot of balls which I like... and because of that he remains my favorite FF7 character.

Still looking for a bishounen to represent Crushed.

And Jesiah (From Xenogears) and Emperor Cain will also feature in my Bishounen mood theme. Because Bishounen is a state of mind.

And I am using Jesiah during Xenogears events.. complete with scar. And what mood is he representing? Thirsty. *cackles* As for Emperor Cain. I think he should represent "Giddy". *smirks happily*
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