Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Why I love Loveless~

Well they finally showed the Cellphone scene from the manga, which made me wibbly. That is my favorite part of the manga uncontestedly. When Ritsuka and Soubi exchange emails about the kiss. It's just sweet.. and I maintain quite honestly that it is not shota if the 12 year old is the seme.

And oh dear god.. in the preview for episode 6 there is definitely -some- sort of sex going on. *oogles it* I don't know.. I think I might be glued to bittorrent for that one. *must get the raw for that one.. coughcough* Oiya oiya. Must make iconage. I know there was some straining, and some wierd faces going on. Sex and chibis, this oughta be a fun time indeed.

Soubi: *smokes and smirks*

*Plinks Soubi down into the box* I bond with the STRANGEST muses. *thuds*

Which reminds me, Alexi and I watched 6 episodes of Gankutsou tonight and he finally figured out that I got "Oiya oiya" from Andrea. *snickergiggles* It was funny because he pointed at me and was like. "AHA! I know where you got it.." And I was like, "Chuuuuuuu?"
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