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Oh dear gods, these are funny. So much fun that I don't think that I will get to the other posts that I have to respond to in all the email. Oh well, they can wait while I have a bit of fun. Or maybe I can answer a post after each question successfully answered.

1) You've been granted the power to teach the world to sing, but only one song. Which song do you teach and why?

I am going to pull the mandatory evil card here and say "It's a Small Workd". Because yes, I am evil.. as many of the evil muses in my head will vouch for. And well, there would be no better way to pay back humanity then that song.. and it IS a nice song, as it always keeps coming up whenever I start up random acts of smut. There is nothing like Hyuga screwing it to Sigurd when this song comes up on the playlist. I'll tell you that much, the irony is delightful.

"There is just one moon
And one golden sun.
And a smile means friendship to everyone"

Not to mention that after the Lemon Tree song, it's the world's most addictive song. *heh's*

2) Where do you see yourself in five years?

Nice computer job, apartment alone with perhaps Shaoran to keep me company, I do not see a girl in my future because you can't really -forsee- interpersonal relationships. If I do have a girl then that's fine.. if I don't. I also see myself still obsessing over Citan. *heh's* Much to his derision.

3) How many muses are in your muse box and will you name them all?

6 years of RPing, that will give you -alot- of muses.. some you want around..some you don't. As it is, I could not possibly name them all, I would become short of breath after the Bainbridges and Zeals. A rough figure would be around.. 400 muses in my C-box. 300 of that is original characters, 100 are fanbased. And there are the few that are used pretty much exclusively. I could start a baseball league with them all. Mmm them with baseball jersey's. The imagery just gave me quite a bit of happiness.

4) (Evil question) Describe for me the floor plan of Victorian!Jin's house.

You -are- evil. Incredibly evil. However I shall endeavor to do it to the best of my abilities.

It's a regular box like house on Mayfair Street. (the most fashionable street to live in London.). On the outside there is a carriage circle, set in the middle being a fountain that has as it's figurehead a elephant with it's nose turned upward to splash water out of it. That came from him and his adventures in India. There is no real garden space in the front, all of that being saved for the backyard, and then there are his stables off toward the side but centering a little bit toward the back. He's not very fashionable, and instead of muslin curtains, it is imported indian damask. No one can -ever- see if he is home or if his lights are on because of that.

Inside one enters the foyer which is rectangular shaped. It's not large because as a bachlor establishment, he is not required to give entertainments.. merely go to him. Off to the direct right is his study. Perhaps by his insistance the largest room in the house. It was -supposed- to be the dining room, but he kicked up a fuss and so it was re-arranged to fit his whims. To the left is the dining room which is so much smaller. That sort of puts a nix on any entertaining that he could do. But then because he usually dines alone, or with friends out of the house, the big dining room is a waste on his part. Why devote time to china cupboards when he could have extra space for books? (But he fills up the dining room turned library, what with all of his aquisitions in India.)

Bordering just off of the door leading to the dining room is the stairway leading up to the private quarters. But we will ignore that for right now.

Past the stairs you approach a smaller hallway, This is where the servants sleep. Raishuu, Raheena, Jaheer (the StableMaster) and Saheeb (The Cook) The male rooms are on one side of the hall, the female on the other. then you enter into the Kitchen which is very large and spacious. It always has the smell of curry wafting through it since Curry is Jin's most favoritest food in the entire world. Toward the left is Chaos's room. It's actually on the other side of the stove so it's the first place to get warm in the mornings. (aside from the kitchen). Chaos really lucked out with that placement. After the kitchen is the gardens and the waterpump.

Now we take you up the stairs. Well preferrably up the back stairs since we're already in the kitchen and there are back stairs leading to the upstairs. It is comprised of Jin's suite, which is a sitting room, washroom and bedroom, It takes half up the upstairs. Another bath and the guest room are located in the other half of the upstairs, the ones closer to the front stairs. The servants actually go upstairs to take their baths. (Oh would Jin shock the ton if he knew what went on in his house). So that is Jin's house. It's not big, but it's not small. It's just right for a Bachlor Lord. Though if his mother has anything to say, he will be retiring to the Country Seat to lord it once he gets married. (Jin seriously shudders at the word, but it's inevitable)

I hope that was sufficient, I sure wrote alot.

5) I'll borrow this question from you, because I'm curious: What's your favorite story in mythology?

I love the story of Hades and Persephone. I think it's romantic. The underworld has always fascinated, and here is a girl.. young and in the first bloom of life who picks a flower and the flower opens up the gateways to hell, Hades comes out and drags her off as his wife. And then forever after Persephone personifies duality. For six months she is the Goddess of Spring, for 6 months she is Mistress of the Dead. It's the very sort of inner duality that I believe Citan/Hyuga goes through. Perhaps I am drawn to Citan because of that?

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