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Remember that Kahran Ramsus/Perfect Works icon I promised you? Because I uberly like you. Well I just got around to it today. So without further ado.

*unveils it*

- Kahran Ramsus | Xenogears | Original Picture

I enjoy doing Perfect Works icon. However to be warned. You cannot just request a Perfect Works icon. You either have to be a close friend or I have to consider you Xeno-elite

-- Ones that will be recieving one of my special edition PW icons eventually --

gamera - Billy all the way.
llamajoy - Jesiah
angeluszion - ID
uzukisaru - Cracked out Citan *Hehehe* Probably with the words OMG455 on it
lostangelsong. - I would make Sigurd for you, but unfortunately I do not like any of the Perfect Works renditions of Sigurd, they are not plentiful and they are not in the Tanaka styling (Rather the Clio Saga.. and her renditions are scetchy at best in PW). Do you happen to have an alternate character that you would like?
reynard_fox - Citan (And probably the only other RPer of Citan that I can thoroughly vouch for. She won't go personality fucking him like some Citan RPers I know.)
miang - Miang.. O'course! *hee's*

-- People who have already recieved their PW icons --

fennin - Bart
shuufish - Fei
myaru - Krelian
katimus_prime - Kahr
hemisphere - Elly
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