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~Interviewed by [Bad username: teh_mina"]~

1. When did you first realize that you were a lesbian? (I hope that's not too personal...just curious since I just realized I'm bi...)

Well, that is not too personal of a question.   I've always been attracted to the female form, likewise I've always been a bit wary of men. (I endured something in my childhood that no young girl should -ever- have to go through)   I saw women and other girls as being safe, warm and incapable of exerting power over me. (Boy was I wrong.. it's all about the mental power.. y'know.).   I was subconsciously a lesbian throughout my earlier days.   My best friend Lisa, I was so in love with her and I was jealous of the guy that she had a crush on.   There was a degree of intimacy there, that had she been receptive to that intimacy, and had I known.. we could of been a couple.. quiet easily.    Then I went through high school and she moved away.  I slowly tried to fit in with the norm.. dating and the whatnot   Had a few boyfriends, but they left me wanting quite honestly.   Had my first girlfriend at age 18, and knew I was bisexual.   I knew I was a lesbian a few years later.   Unfortunately that took my husband-now-roommate for a loop.   But he was understanding, I just realized that with women, there is a connection there that is stronger.  It's not about sex, it's about the degree of intimacy, the mental connection, the affinity I feel, the degree that I fall hard when I in fact do fall.   Wow, that was a fairly long answer.

And yes, Nia did state the true gender in that sentance, though being that I am transgendered, don't gloat over it too much.. you are -still- only half right. *heh's*

2. How's your memory?

I can tell my roommate what he was doing 3 years ago from this date, exact dates, exact times.  My mind is like a walking talking PDA.   Unfortunately my childhood memory kinda sucks.  (We can attribute that to the car accident that I was in at 3 years old which catapulted me out of the car through the windshield.. surprised I made it?  Well so am I.. *heh's*).   I can recall something from years ago and it seems as if my mind is a vast and intricate filing system.

3. What point of playing Xenogears did you realize that you lurved Citan?

Oohohoh.. now this is a good one.    For all of you people who do not know who Citan Uzuki from Xenogears is, I direct you here where you may find out about my most favorite video game character of all time.    But anyways back on track.   I picked up Xenogears thinking that I would not like it.  Can you imagine that?   I also picked up the guide book, sort of paged through it, at the time I had tagged myself for the fact that I probably was going to like Fei. (It's funny how types change in the blink of an eye).   And I saw Citan and I was like.. hmmm.. nice.

I played through the game, got to Citan's house.  The music started playing and I got sparklies in my eyes.   I was on my way to crush-dom right there when I first played.   THEN..  he had to use my most favorite quote of all time.  It is the quote that just -fit-.  Because I have always tried to put a phrase to this phenomena.. and he summed it up so eloquently.    What is this quote?

"Music is a mysterious thing...
Sometimes, it makes people remember things that they do not expect.
Many thoughts, feelings, memories... things almost forgotten...
Regardless of whether the listener desires to remember them or not..."

He automatically became my favorite character right there.   I fell deeper and harder into love with him, when I realized that he was so much deeper then he led himself to be,  A bit sneaky, highly machavellian, and dual.   I especially loved the duality between him and Hyuga Ricdeau, his -real- name. (Okay people, it's been 6 years.. there ARE no spoilers for Xenogears, a'ight).   Mild-mannered Doctor or Guardian Angel of Solaris.   He is a man that walks a thin line between earth and sky with elegance and grace.   And Citan's betrayal in Solarias, that is hardly a moot point.  Some people will go.. "OMGWTFCITANYOUSHITHEAD" while I just figured that it wasn't really betrayal.. because he was not working directly under Krelian, but rather Cain.. and Cain's intentions.. for the most part were pure. *no matter -what- he did in the past*

Ask me about the Cain x Hyuga fic I'm writing in my head.   Am I sick?  Of course.. it's about seeing one too many doujinshi were Cain fangirls Hyuga.. with pink hearts and everything.

Wow, I wrote alot. X_x   So yes, that is when and why I love Citan so much.  Teehee.

4. Does the idea of Bently from Sly Cooper, a geeky turtle with glasses and a nasally voice, having an orgasm amuse you as much as it amuses me?

Yes it does..  he's such a cute little turtle.    I want to cuddle him.   I wonder if he hides in his shell when he orgasms?

5. Do you find yourself randomly, and for no real reason, constantly quoting your favorite show? (Has been quoting Strong Bad for the last week)

I don't watch TV..  because I find that it corrupts the mind. (But then I would imagine so does online RPing.. *coughs*)

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