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*Anton sighs* I have no valentine, look at the lovely thing that Alexi wrote for Nia and what.. its no fair. Everyone has valentines.. Setzer and Violetta, even though they are throwing vases at each other at every moment when they aren't lovey dovey.. and Magus and Corrine in each other's pocket purring like two contented doves.

I don't think it is fair. Hell Citan and Fei, AlexiTiger has Rainbow Bear and Paddington and Gingersnap have hooked up. *Anton kicks stuff and turns into a chibi bear*

I just wanna love someone! *snurfs and hides under blankie* Send me valentines, pwease! *rowrs*

~This has been a public service announcement from Anton, Nia's gay imaginary friend, sponsered by the number 3, the letter F, the color rainbow and Coca-Cola{tm}~
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