Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Interviewed by shahni~

1) Everyone has their dreams and hopes.. what is the dream you wish to accomplish one day and what is the outlook on life you have to gain that dream?.

Well I have alot of dreams and wishes, some of them not realistic.   it was love at one point.  But I've learned that love is not the important thing, at least not love in a romantic sense, and well I am not uberly ambitious when it comes to a career.. being that I do not want to sacrifice my soul for status or the whatnot.   My dream is to make the ones that I care about happy in any way that I can. It's not big.. no..  but it's there and it is honest.

2) If you could be someone else for a day, who would you chose to be and why?.

Oh this is another difficult one,  I'd probably choose to be Clio Saga.   Why you ask?  Because then I'd have the artistic ability to draw Sigurd in the way he -should- be drawn.  And boy would I ever draw him, and all the other Elements.  I would spend the entire day making carictures and scetches, then I would mail them off to -me-, Mish, Saru, Boss and Emily.   That way we could all have Clio Saga special editions, pictures that no one else has.    Oh how I am lame. *heh's*

3) What is the song YOU call your soul song and how did it come about being so? (Because I'm curious. XD)

This is the easiest question to date.   My soul song is Ordinary World by Duran Duran.   It has no personal attachments to people.  People come and go out of one's life so easily.   But it has everything to do with me, it describes my endless search for something.  I am a wanderer, searching for a spark of something.   I heard it on the radio and I instantly knew, because I started crying for absolutely no reason except that the words, the harmony, the music.. everything touched some basic core inside of me.

4) Jin Uzuki and Citan Uzuki start a fight. What's the best way to calm them down without any war-damage?

Another easy one.   Jin and Citan do fight quite a bit.  However it can be avoided by one of two ways.    If Mish is -not- around, it can be avoided by giving Jin his porn and Hyuga his books.   I would have to placate them by telling them that they are both my sweet little know-it-all Uzuki boys.  Granted this only works if it is porn that Jin hasn't seen before (heh) or a book that Hyuga hasn't read before (double heh).    The second one is to get Chaos muse and Sigurd muse out to otherwise occupy them.  Hey, it's better to leave damage control up to -them- then to me.

5) If you had one wish that would surely be granted o matter how far-fetched it was, what would you wish for?.

Xenogears, the Anime.   That's all I shall have to say about that.    And I mean with -good- animators, and not the animators that -tried- with Xenosaga the Animation.   There would be nothing better then seeing the anime version of my most favorite game ever.  Of course with the content, it would have to be close to 50 episodes... since it's one of the most epic games I have ever played.   Spanning close to 13,000+ in story. 

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