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What my Husband wrote me for Valentines Day! *saps*

The A's B's & C's of things I love about you.

A: Articulate - I love the crispness of your words, enunciated as the notes of a beautiful and delicate songbird.
B: Beautiful - Inside and out. You are a work of art.
C: Caring - You love the world despite its faults and that is so rare.
D: Demonstrative - You show your love without hesitation or shame.
E: Eager - The joy wiht which you face the day inspires me.
F: Fidgety - The way you habitually play with things, so like a curious kitten, is endearing beyond words.
G: Giggly - Your heart is so bubbly and warm that it bubbles right up out of you and makes the world a more smiley place.
H: Homey - Home is where the heart is and my heart is forever in yours.
I: Idolater - Be it John or Simon, Pink haired Girls with swords or British Boy Band. Your giggly devotion to gender-bending beauty makes me want to dance.
J: Jeroba - It was a tough one because I didn't want to be predictable and use any word likened to joy so I got out my dictionary and looks in the Js and found Jeroba. Oops! Its Jerboa. Its a cute little animal that looks like this *has drawn pictures on the card* And I knew you would love it and I love that about you.
K: Kind - To animals, to children, to the elderly, to everyone, even before they deserve it.
L: Laughter - The sound of your voice, the sight of your smiley eyes makes my heart laugh from sheer unchecked joy.
M: Marry Me? (He is always asking me to marry him again! *snurfles* Ain't that sweet?)
N: Noble THe way you treat those around you, the way you always seek out the good in everyone, you are truely inspiring.
O: Oogle - What your beauty causes many to do, including me.
P: Pampered - Because you deserve it!
Q: Quiet - those wonderful moments when words need not be spoken, and our hearts connect and sing in silence.
R: Rowr! - Because of that look you give me that makes me go "Rowr!"
S: Sappy, Sexy, Smooth, Sparkly, Sweet, Squinchy, SQUEE!
T: Ting! - The sound your halo makes when I push you against the wall and kiss you until you're (*ahems* Nia don't need to write the rest). This sound is followed by "Thunk" as the halo falls to the ground.
U: Us - We, Together, You and I. Forever after we are beside each other. I will not hold you down and you will not hold me up: Rather we will both walk hand in hand as equals.
V: Venus - Ain't got nuthin' on you!
W: Wiggly - When I tickly-tickle you and you know how much I like it!
X) X-rated Thoughts - Come on, it's "X"! What else could I use? Xyster? That is just sick.
Y: Yes - The answer to "M"; A tiny little word that made me happier then ever.
Z: Zing - the sound my heart made that first time we touched, when I gave you a little massage while we watched movies...

Ooooooooooooooooooooh. *cries* That is so sappy. *snurfles*

I love him..

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