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I should of known being that Aizen is voiced by Hayami Sho.. I really should of. >.< That should of been the first cue right there. Ah I love spoilers of sorts. I also love Aizen. Alot. I want iconage of him. Yes I do.. *hee's*

Oh yes, I already know my OTP for Bleach.

Aizen and Gin. (I don't believe in X's.. they seperate the ukes from the semes.. and in Nia-land.. the ukes and semes don't exist.. *heh's*)


Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood. He's definitely a long lost cousin of Citan's.

reunion did a Hojo clone page, maybe I should do a Citan clone page.. I know there are only ten million of them. X_x.

Iconage of him coming too. *heehee*

Edit: Yup, it's official. I do love Abel Nightroad.. alot. I also love Trinity Blood. Went and officially joined myself over at the community. *heh's*

I still digress strongly that Citan and Abel are seperated at birth. Their personalities are far too similar, as well as their adorable "I know something you don't, but I'm going to pretend I don't" attitude. *teehee*
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