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First I find out that Inoue Kazuhiko plays Gilbert Blythe in the japanese anime version of "Anne of Green Gables"

Then I find out that Tobita Nobuo plays Laurie in the japanese anime version of "Little Women"

Oh dear gods I need these, so fucking bad. Two favorite heros from literature are voiced by FAVORITE SEIYUU.

Oh yes and almost totally off-topic, Aizen + Hayami Shou = TEH WIN!!!111

Aizen is a sexy beast.. going along with my glasses fetish. I need an icon of him.. an evil icon of him. But for right now this newly created Franz D'Epinay (from Gankutsou) icon will do just fine. Isn't he a cutie? Yes, even though I relate more to Edmond Dantes, I still think Franz is just absolutely adorable.

I also worked on a few other icons, but I'm not going to post them up until I have made a few more icons. X_x
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