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1. How did Joey Ramone�s death affect you? Who the fuck is he?
2. How many CDs do you own? Hold on a second while I go count.. *pauses* 142 CDs.
3.How many CD clubs do you belong to? 2. *heh's* and I paid off my debts to them so hah! *sticks out tongue at BMG and CDHQ*
4. What is the most embarassing CD in your collection? Spice Girls.. yes even I have bad taste.
5. Do you still listen to it? No! However I can't bring myself to get rid of CDs. *heh's* so I could dispise the CD and I wouldn't get rid of it.
6. What CD did you buy because you only liked one song, but then you ended up loving the whole CD? Crazy Town because I liked "Butterfly" the rest of the CD sucks IMO
7. What CD did you buy that was a total waste of money? The newest Limp Biskit CD.
8. How old were you when you first started getting into music? I have always loved music ever since I can remember! *hee's* Can't remember at what age I started.
9. Can you play an instrument? No, I can't play an instrument.. I am not musically inclined.
10. What song(s) do you always get stuck in your head? Usually songs that I play over and over. I had Peace of Love stuck in my head yesterday. *hee's* A ranma song
11. What song can you just not stand? "I would do anything for love.. but I won't do that." By Meatloaf. I utterly destest that song.
12. What group should be banned from the music scene? According to my opinion it would be BackStreet Boys. *nods* but that is just my opinion and doesn't reflect the opinion of anyone else.
13. If you could make your own music festival, who-living or dead, together or disbanded, would you invite? Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, New Order, Tears for Fears.. all the 80s bands that I grew up with. *hee's*
14. What group do you listen to that no one else seems to like? Take That But I don't care because they are a worthy group in my opinion. *hee's*
15. Two part question:
Favorite Group of All time? Duran Duran
What got you hooked on your all-time favorite group? The Song "Ordinary World" was the key factor in me worshiping Duran Duran.
16. What song could you listen to every day and not get sick of? "Ordinary World", "Fallen Angel", "Walking on the Milky Way" and "Gravity of Love" But seriously there are many songs that I just can't get sick of. *nods* </i>
17. When was the last time you bought a cassette? The last cassette I bought was the Duran Duran "wedding album" cassette. *hee's* that is when it first came out and I didn't have a CD player.
18. Do you ever buy CDs for the cover and the curiosity of the design on the CD itself? I am not that superficial. *heh's* I might buy the CD for the lead singer or the voice but never the cover.
19. Does music help you relax or release your anger? Doesn't it for everyone? *slight grin* Music soothes the savage beast
20. Do you focus more on the beat or the lyrics? With J-pop it will always be the beat.. with regular english speaking songs.. it will always be the lyrics.
Do you listen to music you can relate to or just whatever sounds good? In a way you can releate to anything that you listen to, you just got to delve deep inside yourself to find that inner relational denominator.
22. Do curses in music bother you? Fuck no! *heh's*
23. Do you turn it up when your favorite song comes on? My hand just instinctively moves for the knob. *giggles*
24.Do any songs remind you of events you've experienced? Most of my favorite songs have links to my memories and nostalgia.
25. What is your favorite lyric? "There's no use in telling me, the wisdom of the fool won't set you free" -New Order "Bizzare Love Triangle"
"And as I try to make my way to the Ordinary World.. I will learn to Survive" -Duran Duran "Ordinary World"
"I don't believe at all.. but I believe in you" -Duran Duran "fallen angel"
"When I was only 17 my head was full of hazy dreams, my heart would call and I would gladly go." -OMD "walking on the milky way"
"The Expirence of Survival is the key to the Gravity of Love" -Enigma "Gravity of Love"</i>
26. What song describes your life best? "Walking on the Milky Way" by OMD & "Ordinary World" by Duran Duran
27. What song would you dedicate to your best friend? I don't know. *heh's* I don't think I know any really good "friendship" songs. *hums* Probably anything by a really hot singer. *heh's* so that they could drool
28. Do you think the theme of love in music has been played out? Love is universal.. so is music.. I don't think the theme of love has been overplayed.
29. If you could meet one group or star, who? Duran Duran most definitely. Oh would Nia be a happy kitty!
30. if you could collaborate with one group or star, who? Do you know that my answers in this catagory will be Duran Duran? *heh's*
31. Which group do you feel doesn't get enough airplay? New Order
32. How often do you listen to music? 24/7.. else I go crazy. I need music to function.. its like heroin
33. How often do you sing along with music? All the time. *grins* much to the pleasure of all my co-workers
34. Do you feel the compulsive urge to sing along with a song when you know the words to it? It is an urge that I will let myself give into
35. What kind of band would you be in if you could start one today? </i>80s retro band. *grin*</i>
36. Your favorite singer: Masami Okui.. she is japanese.
37. Another two part question:
Your favorite band? Duran Duran
Any close seconds? Depeche Mode & New Order
38. Your favorite CD: "Wedding Album" By Duran Duran. "Music for the Masses" by Depeche Mode & "Best of New Order" by New Order.
39. Your favorite song: "Ordinary World"
40. Male Artist of 2001: I don't bloody care.
41. Female artist of 2001: Likewise
42. 'Rock' band of 2001: Don't care either
43. Rapper(s) of 2001: Bleah
44. Boy band of 2001: Double Bleah
45. Pop princess of 2001: My Cat
46. Favorite New Singer of 2001: Masami Okui
47. Country Artist of 2001: Country Music makes me want to shoot myself
48. Hottest Female Artist of 2001: Chrstina Aquilera but -only- when her hair is that whitish blond, otherwise I think she looks trashy
49. Hottest Male Artist of 2001: *Raises EyeBrow*
50. Most annoying artist of 2001: All of the Teenybopper ones
51. Artist that's hot now, but won't be in 2002: The music industry fluctuates
52. Best Song of 2001: I don't have a particular Favorite save for Butterfly
53. Best Music Video of 2001: Shame that I don't really watch TV
54. Worst Music Video of 2001: Argh
57. CD that's good all the way through: Most of the ones that I have.
58. CD that your parents don't want you to have (or wouldn't let you have): My parents were pretty good about my music, after all they are really liberal (in some aspects)
60. CD that's in your cd player right now? Take That. "Nobody Else"

I did skip some questions because they were repetative. *heh's*


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