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~Hyu's opinion on Monster~

Today is a Hyu day so bear with me. I alternate between referring to myself as Hyu and Nia. I've had been on my friendslist confuse my gender quite a bit, which I like. *hehehe's*

Well first of all, Monster has definitely reeled me in, I am not too big of a fan of the ending song, but the intro instrumental just lured me. (chanting anyone). I have a weakness for Dr. Tenma (of course) and I like how the story has gotten so in depth in only 4 episodes. I sincerely look forward to more of this series. In fact the series was so messed up that I had to watching 2 whole episodes of 2x2 Shinobuden to get myself all nice and happy again. That is an episode for every two episodes of monster.. which evens out because in the series, the episodes are divided into segments anyways.

Thank you Monkey-butt and Pup. Hyu's a very happy individual right about nows. With new things to obsess over.

Now I am waiting for Trinity Blood *hehehehs* And we's all know why.. *coughs discreetly*
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