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~Update on the mood theme~

I did the mood themes for Awake, Bitchy and Blah.

Awake: Jin (Samurai Champloo) (You'll have to see the picture to figure it out)
Bitchy: Oriya (YnM.. because my Oriya muse is a helluva bitch)
Blah: Gieve (Arslan Senki.. because Gieve can get that expression on his face)

If I can't think of anything for Blank before tomorrow.. Albert will get pinned down as Blank. I love Albert, but he -has- mastered the vacant look. I sort of want to figure someone else out for him, since the Count and Franz are going to get their own moods and I don't want bishy's that I feel somewhat subpar about)

I'm outtie for the night. *hugs everyone*
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