Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~If you love someone, If you love somebody.. Set them free~

Argh, the left side of my earphones don't work.. (or right if I switch it around) So I have defunct earphones. *droopy ears* I guess that is okay... *bahs and snurfles and curls up in a ball* Really interesting dreams.

Dream 1# All of the Sailor Moon scouts and Malachite who was prince of the moon. And he had all the scouts sleep in his palace, however in my dream he had to have graphic sex with all the scouts, except Sailor Venus who was me and who was wise to his game. (WHenever he came into the bedroom, I just ran) He finally ended up declaring his feelings for Venus and promised to stay away from the other scouts. Then I woke up because I was too hot and I needed water.

Next dream it was a xenogearisque dream and I was the heroine and the hero was this really hot blonde version of Aya from Weiss. And we were trying to recover this space station.. well somewhere along the way he turned into Alexi and Viv was on the space station, I wanted to chase Viv however she was having too much fun with my cousins and so me and Alexi went to the mall with a group of white haired alien children, however the car crashed and all the alien children ended up dead. Finally we found out that the main thing that kept the space station alive was the energy of plants and so we had to plant all these plants, we tried to plant marijuana but it didn't grow, the retail value was too high.. and so finally we grew other plants and then me and Alexi started to cuddle in flip flops.

Yeah.. Nia is a wierdo. *hars*

Oh yeah.. Sting is my god! Ph33r him! *hee's*

He sings about alot of the themes that I love, angels, demons, sinners, saints, love and hate. *snurfs*

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