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~Yes people I've seen it all~

OMG SARU YOU WERE RIGHT, SIGURD WITH HIS HEAD BETWEEN A WOMAN'S LEGS.. (MARY SUE NO LESS) BEAUTIFUL ART BUT OH SO CONTEXTUALLY WRONG. Okay personally.. (and to clarify that we all know what a devout Sigurd x Hyuga shipper I am with the inclusion of anyone else..) I would rather see Sigurd with Bart -or- Ramsus (and that is saying something for me) then see him in such a doujinshi that is blatantly sue-ish.. but I do insist, that the art is beautiful and I want a new icon of Sigurd now.

In my mind Sigurd will always spell out gay pride in my mind, just as surely as Hyuga spells out the word 'closet'. (but remember, this is just me).

And the Citan x Margie doujinshi.. now that made me want to spork my eyes out.. it seriously did... It was so wrong. If you are going to do straight Citan porn.. do it with Yui for gods sake.

THANK YOU uzukisaru and fennin for making my brain DEADED.
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