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I did find my happy Hooters girl. I said that they were not my type.. however one was. She was short, with long dark hair, she was not too stacked on the upper part but she had a great rear. I couldn't help but grin like a mad monkey whenever she came to the table. And oh the bliss when she plopped down on the seat -right- beside me to take my order. And to steal Mish's words, I was like.. "BLISS"

Her name was Chelsea.. and she was just so cute. Oiya oiya. I even left her a large tip.. what a well worn smile can do for me.. I tipped her 6 dollars, yes! *heh's*

And Saru.. I didn't get the new PG CD.. I thought I did.. but unfortunately it didn't save to my computer.. and oi.. *bangs computer* So now I need to get it again. *sighs*

Now to go respond to a few posts.. ^_^ Including Fei and Citan drinking brandy and getting drunk.
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