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I know that I should upload the daily download.. I also know that I should be playing more Xenosaga II... but I am just so damn exhausted. That is because of early mornings in which I get all of my job hunting done. I'm usually -dead- by midnight. Right now I can barely turn off the yawns... and I know I'm going to tumble into bed and think up new plot points. /Pathetic loser, yes*

I have perfect shiny raven hair tonight and it makes me happy. Though a bit disappointed that I get all my good hair days when no one ever sees me. My hair right now.. sleek and straight and smelling of green tea. I love it, I am a vain creature when it comes to my hair.. (the rest of me is meh..) but my hair.. damn it.. it makes me want to be my own girlfriend so I could just run my fingers through it.. and not have it like.. y'know attached to my head.

At work I had it in two braids.. everyone called me "Heidi" and I was like "Ahahaha. very funny."

I have my leave scheduled for July 2nd through July 8th. Teri arranged it and annonted it on the schedule... and let's see.. anything else of note. Probably not. I'm bored off my ass.. there is no anime to watch, I have AIM turned off so people can't get to me and I'm listening to Simon Le Bon croon in the background.

yatika, tell me if you got the episode of Gankutsou alright. I am also anxious as to your impressions of the first episode. *heh's*


"But nobody knows what's gonna happen tomorrow
We'll try not to show.. how frightened we are..
It would seem lonely if you were the only star in the night..
You've got to believe it'll be alright in the end..
You've got to believe it will be alright again."

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