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~A Jrock group I actually -like-~

I am digging AURORA right now. Their music is very fluid.. it is the type of jrock that is very ambient and flowing. Not to mention with a title like "Philosophy", it has to be good.. at least where I'm concerned. I loved water based music.. and you know what water based music.. it's music that you can listen to and just imagine yourself set adrift on the rivers of time.

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    DO NOT DO IT ENGLAND Funniest offerings from PIXIV to date. Greatest Hetalia/MSMM crossover or what?

  • : A Little bit of Hetalia feel-good for my f-list :

    Germany looks not quite certain about this endeavor. Have a fruitful day, F-list!

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    Despite all of the controversy surrounding Axis Power Hetalia's dub, I have been enjoying it. It is somewhat irreverent, but the concept in general…

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