Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Public service announcement before I start on the housecleaning~

What utter bullshit is this..

As a fairly reasonable friend of the two parties accused, as well as a friend of one of the 'side stories' (Name concealed to protect the innocent). I think that in my honest opinion they need to focus on themselves because the whole site is just.. ugh. I see it at an attempt at slander whitewashed with the need to 'protect other people'. If they were really serious about it, they would clean up alot of things about the site, polish out the 'testimonials' so that it did not look like someone copied and pasted it rushedly from an email program.

I am friends with one of the 'victims' per se, but I am also friends with the accused.. and even with all the emotional upheavel's I have had in the past couple of months, never once have I ever gotten the ilk, but rather real concern.. Renee sent me some music, listened when I needed it. We've both vented on each other a few times, but that's it.

Some people need to keep their hands out of the drama pot.. not to mention it's clearly evident that someone was inspired by the drama caused by sailormoon.

Oiya oiya.

I would just caution that if anyone sees that floating around their friend's list.. read it with a grain of salt.
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