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~That's what I get... {Fan-squibbling}~

I love Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.

What I love better is the music. The music is just so awesome.. and normally I am not that way about OSTs. (with the exception of Xenogears/saga in which I did like the OSTs). The chanting just causes me to feel all shivery inside. So yes, when the OST comes out, I am so prowling for it. That will be a good 10 - 15 tracks for me to fan girl over and drop onto my playlist.

I also love Fai. Fai is just so adorable.. and Kurogane.. after Fai called Kurogane, Kuro-chan.. I think I thought, "Oi, this'll be fun.."

So now, I shall definitely have to plow more into this whole thing, I am fluent in most clamp-dom so it's not like it's going to take me by surprise.. but I was rather surprised/amazed/pleased that it got as fucked up as quickly as it did. Two episodes.. two episodes and they are already asking for compensation. Way to go Clamp. I salute you for the gratuitous and obligatory angst.
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