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Poll #477001 Tuesday Download

Vote for the lyrics that you would be most interested in hearing! ^_^

Kaki kake no tegami o mizuumi ni shimaou, PURACHINA no mangetsu sotto ukabu hotori ni"
"At times love is strong.. so much it even wounds people's hearts.. but ah, in the midst of courage that grants our dreams.. a light always shines forth"
"Stop, stand there where you are.. before you go to far.. before you make a fool out of love."
"Never lose your self control.. please let me try to hold you tight.. I'm feeling so romantic.. touch my body baby and say that you love me"
"In a world of post modern fad.. what was good, now is bad"
"Well now pride's gone out the window, cross the rooftop.. runaway. Left me in the vacuum of my heart"
"You always were the one to show me how.. back then I couldn't do the things that I can do now."
"I wonder if you ever see me and I wonder if you know I'm there.. if you looked in my eyes.. would you see what's inside.. would you even care?"
"In your imagination, your a thousand miles away.. too many of his promises have been broken along the way"
"This can't be real.. my heart is burning.. how does it feel? Well let's say I'm learning."


So vote.. and remember, if you recognize a song.. don't say it's name in the comments. This is the secret squirrel voting. *hee's*

Also some shameless pimping while I'm at it, I finished a fic-bit and put it up at shitan. Of course involving a mini-snark war between Jin and Shion. How cute is that. It's all about family.. *hee's* I love how Shion is a natural bitch now.

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