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~Episode 35 of KKM killed me~

I was like, "NO CONRAD NO!" and my heart wept with the inner angst involved in my second favorite pairing in the series. (which is Conrad and Yuuri, preceeded by Gwendel and Gunter and followed by Yozak and Murata). I also watched the first episode of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles and I am happy to note that they kept the inherent canon-ness of Touya and Yukito. (Favorite couple from Card Captor Sakura). Now, my inner!Tomoyo wept over the Sakura and Sharoan pairing, but I do have to admit that they -are- cute together.. in a different way then Sakura and Tomoyo. So I was quite pleased overall.

Fai is all sorts of yummy though, just as Saru said. And I couldn't help but yummy me up some Chii. (because what is there better then a robotic kitty girl... hmmm?)

Edit: Soubi I swear might be what would happen if Sigurd and Citan had children. There is the part of Soubi that is raw sex appeal a'la Sigurd.. and then there is Soubi's infuriating, "I know more then you do, so suck it up.. teehee" that has Citan's name right on it.
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