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~Yay for ficcage updates~

I updated shitan with a Hyuga and Sigurd piece. If you are too lazy to click on the journal, it can be found at the below link.

Hands off the wheel... *prods teh_mina since I know she'll like that piece of ficcage*

I thought it was going to sort of cummulate into an intense make-out session between the two.. but surprisingly it didn't. (or not suprisingly since smut is rather hard for me unless it's an RP setting.. I think it is because I'm too lazy to intellectualize the physical logics of two bodies, much less worrying over one body..). I was definitely impressed with how it came out, I especially love Sigurd's emotions in this fic.

Well nighttime beddy-byes call me. -_-; I've accomplished all my goals for the night and so I am off to bed. *hugs everyone a good night*
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