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~I'm not in love.. so don't forget it..~

I have all of the songs plotted out for the Jin-side of the couple songs... I had to divide it in to sort of chronological order or rather the phases for him.

Phase 1.) Alone
Phase 2.) Flirtation/Sexual Attraction/Raw Sex
Phase 3.) Transcendance
Phase 4.) Denial
Phase 5.) Acceptance

Wow, I'm pleased with myself. And so that is the sort of guideline for Mish if she should want it (though I know while Jin feels denial, Chaos feels acceptance.. I'm thinking that is probably where "Sleeps with Butterflies" will go.. I am thinking if she gets the songs on the Chaos side all kicked out.. we can have this out by sometime this weekend. I'm so excited! *hee's*
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