Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Oiya oiya.. pass the nyquil please.

This is not getting any better.. well my limbs aren't -as- achy, but I still feel like living shit. So now I am going to get into my jammies and tuckle into bed because damn it, I want to. Yes it's early, but I've been taking naps all day.. ALL DAY. I passed out twice today on the computer, and well I think that this nyquil is staying in my system alot longer then I had anticipated damn it.

Piffle, I'm whiny.. and when I'm sick I have no no countenance whatsoever to smut, it's hard to want smut when you feel like you're constantly coming out your nose. (that's right sickos, that's what I meant.)


/No I am not cute.. PSSSFFFT


P.S: Mish.. both Hyuga and I want to see your Sigurd in This

I giggled, and Hyuga just about had a nosebleed.. it was sad. -_-

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