Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~The Nyquil Monster attacked~

Because I am a loser (and a trifle sick) I took some Nyquil and then promptly passed out from 7:30 pm to 11:41 pm. So now I am groggy.. and I had strange dreams about Victorian Sigurd and Hyuga involving the carriage house and red candle wax. (Thanks Mish.. *thuds*). I also need to turn off the cooler, since I woke up and turned it on in my drug induced sleep. Of all the times I had to get a sore throat.. I hate sore throats, they sort of bite. (and hurt)

I had a fun conversation of sorts with proftodd over AIM. In which we talked about Shion, GS Campaigns and AMVs for Xenosaga.. (I did manage to sneak in some Jin-speak of course.. since Uzuki ass = TEH BEST 455 y0!)

After I exchange a few posts with Flik-mun from Squenix, I'm going to bed.. -_- Yes, again.. then I'll be up at an insane hour as well. -_-;

First I need to toss off some required emails. *thuds* And ponder the image of Chaos with ribbons twined up his legs and chest and arms. Yes, I've just made my Jin-muse very very happy.. pervertedly so. It's rather bad when he is moved by such images and it will be noted he's never had ribbon sex before. =_=;
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