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I would like to apologize to everyone for being sensitive..

I get sensitive when I am upset, hurt or angry or in one of my moods and I wish I didn't however it is how I am, and I am liable to take things the wrong way, or retreat in to a shell that only few people can broach or something along those lines. I especially want to offer that apology to Angue.

That idea.. don't think anything of it, alright. I don't want it to worry you or I do not want you to think that it upsets me, it is just RP.. got that. It means nothing against your friendship, *hugs*.

Also I thank Jesse and Kat for being there, for offering their advice and input, Jesse for listening to me while I prattled and disected myself to pieces. I got booted out of IMC but that is for a good reason, the goddesses way of telling me to calm down and relax.

Thank you all.

And Alexi, I love you. *attaches*
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