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I got to talk to Mish!

Hurrahness. Of course I probably freaked her out with my talking two million miles per hour. Among the inside jokes was the whole. "You are using your cellphone for super secret squirrel solarian missions" and then "Hello.. this is Emperor Cain.. is Hyuga there" and then we fanfagged about Jin and his loincloth in which Todd cackled and vowed he WOULD get that screencap of Jin in his loincloth for bragging rights. (Bragging rights? Todd, you can HAVE the bragging rights, you will only be benefiting some poor little fangirl with Jin-ass, you know this right? I will only worship the ground you walk on.. that's about it, bragging rights be damned).

Once Mish gets to the US I will call her with my cell phone, and actually be able to talk longer then 10 minutes. (Damn Wal-mart corperation nazi's.)

Damn it, Mish's husband just might make me competitive.. I shall play more Xenosaga II... and do all the GS events and make this a better playthrough then the last one. (My boxers are wet from wanting to see the second Jin and Margulis fight damn it) Ahahahaha.. well Luckily when I go down to the Uzuki Residence, Saru is going to play through Xenosaga II for me in japanese, so that I can hear the wonderfulness that his Hideyuki Tanaka.. seiyuu of both my beloved Jin and my beloved Citan. (I forsee many heart squees.)

Now I need soda-age.. and then I need to respond to email. *skitters to do so*

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