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~1st Episode of Loveless~

May we call Junko Minagawa 'shota-bait' right now. Because that's the type of characters that she ends up playing.. however despite his youth, I really -adore- Ritsuka.. and I definitely think that him and Soubi make a very cute couple. (Don't get me wrong, I could also dig me some definite Soubi x Seimei x Soubi action) but I like just the overall aura of -awe-. It really goes against the grain of the normal pairings that I gravitate. (i.e both the males looking at least equal in age.. and/or way over the age of consent. *Examples: Roy x Hughes, Sigurd x Citan, Laguna x Kiros, Kakashi x Iruka, Gwendel x Gunter ).

But now we may expostulate on the wonders that is Soubi. His voice is definitely breathy, reminding me of Hidenobu Kiuichi..(but I know that isn't his voice).. and definitely his voice sounds like liquid sexual sin come to life. I love it. I like the intro -and- the ending, both songs when they come out in full versions, I am definitely nabbing, not to mention the art style was very clean yet hauntingly beautiful.

Oh yes, I also like that there is boobies. That is one thing that I did not like about Sukisho. The fact that I -needed- boobies. (Ritsuka's little pink haired friend.. has boobies enough for the ENTIRE school). It's the lesbian in me that demands some femaleness. (Gods bless Winry, Lust and Hawkeye for being there to tempt my eyes with yummyness.. especially Winry). So this series has all the gearings for being for me what I wish Sukisho could of been to me. (But what which fell so drastically short.

And if anyone wants to know.. yes I -do- have a Soubi muse.

And some eye candy for my friend's list... *heh's*

- Soubi very gallently kissing Ritsuka's hand

- Soubi smiling in a very Citan-esque way

I know my friend's list won't mind the pretty plastered all over their friends list.. so enjoy, and drool. ^_^
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